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News With Yvonna Taylor

This is the set of Channel 12 headline news, the most watched news broadcast in the world. Here you see Yvonna Taylor, award-winning newscaster, doing what she does best… and that is keeping the public abreast of current events both locally and around the world! She is totally dedicated to this job and nothing will stop her from doing it. Tonight you have a unique opportunity to find out how a real news program works. Yvonna has kindly permitted us to have a look around the studio while she’s doing the 11:00 report. The only thing that she asks is that you keep your sticky little mitts off the equipment. It’s expensive, delicate and should not be touched by ham-fisted morons like yourself. Now let’s get started on our fabulous voyage of discovery!

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    Im happy

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    happiness is fleeting

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    Man this made me laugh!



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