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A Boring Life?

Welcome to the days where gender-changing pills exist, manufactured by a company called TranscendX. These pills triggers the release of hormones that cause the body to begin the process of physically transitioning into the desired gender. Depending of the type of TranscendX pill (standard, enhanced, premium and ultra), it can transform you into a woman for a period from 8 hours to a whole month. As the main character of this html5 porn game, you have a choice: agree to the terms of the TranscendX company and take a pill to become a woman and start working in a modeling agency. This will help you earn good money in a short period of time. Or you can refuse and just fuck all the women you meet during the story!

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Added on: June 25th, 2024

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  1. By: Another Gooner

    I like the writing but it’s really only two different stories with no real choices other than pill or no pill and you just click next page with no game play to be had. Would not consider this a game, would barely consider this a choose your own adventure book.

  2. By: Sean

    Not much content at the moment but an interesting premise

  3. By: mlook

    good fuckin game but u need to be completed like more photos more content 6/10

  4. By: Byron

    I’ve played both storylines and I’m abit disappointed that the MC and their room-mate Alex didn’t hook up but I look forward to the next update.



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