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Alien Planet

To advance this sex game you need click on a part of the screen or to drug an object on the screen on a part of girl’s body. During the animation scene you should to find the hot spot. Throughout most scenes there are some hidden hotspots, which will give you a more interecting view of the subject. Now you are ready to explore this hostile alien world!

Category: 3D, Action, Adventure, Anal, Blowjob, Fetish, Hardcore, Monsters

Added on: August 29th, 2013

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  1. Would to eat mushroom?

  2. By: cuan wahana

    what a lame game, don’t know hoe to play

  3. By: Anonym

    LAMEEE, how u supossed to do? (Drag Mushroom)

  4. By: gideon

    i love it

  5. By: diana

    how to remove her skirt ?

  6. By: Anonymous

    what to do after sh almost naked???!!!

  7. By: daniel

    i love it

  8. By: rakib hasan [jb]

    it is very bad.

  9. By: Anonymous

    what do you do with the frkken mushroom

  10. By: Anonymous

    what do you do with the apple

  11. By: tanya

    wht to do wid the mushroom

  12. By: ME

    Put mushroom on rose

  13. By: LOL

    How to stripped her?

  14. By: Anonymous

    what to do with the rose

  15. By: Anonymous


  16. By: Anonymous

    XD The comments below aren’t making me feels so confident!

  17. By: Sosa69

    Move the mushroom to the rose.

  18. By: sonu

    what to do with that mashroom

  19. By: sonu

    what to do with that rose

  20. By: anon1

    hehe good game, only dont know how to use the rope… tried everything (appearently not) it is madning whahaha

  21. all these fucking games suck!

  22. By: Anonymous

    tie her feet

  23. By: Anonymous

    were dp you get the rope from

  24. By: Anonymous

    how do you get the rope

  25. By: sex


  26. By: fuck

    fuck this game

  27. By: masry


  28. By: lol


  29. By: NONAME


  30. By: xxfrg

    How do I get 50, only got 38

  31. By: Anonymous

    Just drag mushroom onto rose, then double click rose

  32. what an sexy game sex is very important for making condom

  33. By: Anonymous

    what do u do after u get the skirt off

  34. By: OLENK


  35. this game

  36. By: btf87

    demoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mll kesel jha

  37. By: iyanna

    i like that she has a wet pussy

  38. By: iyanna

    and i like her i want to fuck her babd

  39. By: Anonymous


  40. By: Anonymous

    How to hadle after scirt off – how to increase excitement?

  41. By: Anonymous

    game sucks bad

  42. dis game is fucking shitttttttttttt

  43. By: Anonymous

    stupid ass game

  44. By: loll

    just press right click with mouse and then press “play” it past every level

  45. By: Andrea

    I’m so focking wishing that some sexy guy fuck me … can you be that sexy guy…

  46. By: saeid

    hi gooooooooooooog

  47. By: Anonymous

    press tab for hint

  48. By: raner zerrudo

    putaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang iiiiiiiinnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. By: mike

    its awesome but not working well

  50. By: Dude

    Would be nice if the little animated sequences weren’t developed for the sole purpose of causing carpal tunnel.

  51. By: ddf

    bloody game

  52. By: ngehe


  53. By: Anonymous

    fuck you

  54. By: Luke

    Just press tab to expose all hitboxes. This also allows you to beat the fill in the bar scenes by holding it down.

  55. By: anonymous

    once the skirt is off and she’s laying on the ground, there’s a spot on her nipple that you’re supposed to interact with, but nothing happens to the excitement bar, only the exhaustion bar. nothing seems to happen afterward.



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