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This is an 18+ html game by Wel Ard. Before we get going, let’s pick your name and customize the names of the other characters by your liking. You are a young, 18 year old boy who lives at home with his single mother. Despite your rather small frame, you’ve managed to be quite the successful student at the Oktober Academy – one of the preimer prep schools in the country. You take your grades very seriously and you’ve already got an acceptance to Harvard. All you have to do is keep your grades up and you’re out of this town! It’s time to start your first virtual day in the game…

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Added on: June 16th, 2021

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  1. By: Hui

    Is it not finish?

  2. By: efelant

    Damn this game is good, are there any updates? The discord link doesn’t seem to work

  3. By: kaat

    I always get stuck like a week into the game, it says “I’m not wearing what Chris told me to! I don’t want to get expelled.” even though I’m wearing exactly what I’m told.”

  4. By: Rando

    Yeah I’m getting the same message that I’m not wearing what he wants. I’ve tried all 3 kinds of hosiery and that doesn’t work.

    This game is just broken.

  5. By: randy

    you need to wear full girl clothes then

  6. By: Stuck

    Can’t find mom panties. Stuck



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