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Dungeon Desire

A very beautiful erotic html game in which you play a role of a young and inexperienced half-elf, who always dreamed of becoming a legendary adventurer. You have spent the last five years at the prestigious Hartwig Grünbaum Adventure Academy, training day in and day out to become a skilled explorer of dungeons. Fortunately, the long years of hard study have come to an end and today there will be a graduation ceremony. After the ceremony your real adventures will begin, where you will meet many characters and experience many events and where you will have to decide you own destiny. But remember – all choices are important!

Category: 3D, Adventure, Blowjob, Funny, Handjob, Hardcore, HTML, Mobile, Strip

Added on: June 28th, 2024

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  1. By: Anonymous

    Great so for

  2. By: WTFisThis

    I know it’s on the newer side but… Trash!

  3. By: Unknown

    Game not finished

  4. By: Anonymous

    Nice but too short

  5. By: Metaldaemon

    Unfortunately too short

  6. By: Sean

    Not much of a game ATM

  7. By: Anonymous

    Please do not force the feminization. The submissive nature is fine to me, but too many games already force you to become a lady and give no option for it.

  8. By: Anonymous

    i need moree of this. loving it

  9. By: peitho

    Its such a pain making twine games. I got a full scale Fallout satire game, a berry picking game, and a Unity tower defense game. I use to think that these 30 second long games were just a half assed way to get Patreon money but it probably took you 15 hours just to get the game this far. Just dont give up on it. I have way too many project that are gathering dust.

  10. By: bbb

    there is no option to change the name (and that’s why it gives 3 stars)

  11. By: Conor O'Rourke

    Who is this by, would love to support?

  12. By: Anonymous

    No content ffs

  13. By: Critque

    Trash game. Why is every game made by fags. Either make the main character a woman from the beginning or make the mc an a ACTUAL man….woke lgbt freakshows everywhere wtf

  14. By: Anonymous

    Please I’m begging you keep adding stuff to the game it’s great so far and can you add a option to change the name please I think it’s a great name but would like to add mine for immersion

  15. By: Brianna

    Amazing start keep up the good work and please ignore the haters make the game how you want to and can you add the option to change the name I really like the name but just want to add mine for immersion



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