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Dungeon Frank Nicole

Helpless girl in dark and dank dungeon – is the best story for online bdsm game. Don’t you think so? At the bottom you can see yellow icons with different sex toys – use them to fill the “Thrill” bar at the left side of the screen. Try not to fill the “Stress” bar or Nicole will lose consciousness and the game will be over!

Category: Action, BDSM, Fetish, Fisting, Hardcore, Strip

Added on: October 12th, 2016

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  1. By: Alex swamm


  2. By: jared mercer

    how do you play

  3. By: Horny slut

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  4. By: Nana


  5. By: Sylena

    She likes it in the leg

  6. By: Rodel

    OOOOO Sexy

  7. By: yan


  8. By: sexy bitch


  9. By: gamer

    best game ever

  10. By: Anonymous

    Sexy game

  11. By: Gamers

    how to play it give some idea

  12. By: Anonymous

    how do u fuck give her some thrill

  13. By: Anonymous

    How do u play

  14. By: Anonymous

    Great game to figure out

  15. By: Anonymous

    impossible to play!

  16. By: Anonymous

    Can someone please tell the rest of us how to play this game?

  17. It won’t let me play the fucking game

  18. By: Anonymous

    the shit? how do u get the thrill

  19. By: xL4dyk1ll3r

    There’s a tutorial on the newer one, basically you use the flat hand to calm her down and thrill her, after the thril is up an inch, you can use the pinch to partially remove her skirt, calm her down and then you can move it out the rest of the way, about halfway up on thrill you can remove just about everything else, then you use the penis on her breasts to get her thrill up till it’s full.

  20. By: Anonym

    It do not work !

  21. By: xxx

    sexy girl

  22. By: Anonymous

    Is there a point when her cloths come off

  23. By: Anonymous

    It’s not working for me

  24. By: Anonymous

    it looks so sexy when u stick the dick in her ass

  25. By: Anonymous

    Not working


    Can someone tell me how to play this?

  27. By: Hot pussy

    She is hot

  28. By: Chandan


  29. By: Hailey Converse

    How the actual fuck do you play this game. Legit, all she does is make faces. THAT LITTERALY ALL SHE DOES. I’m confused as fuck right now. Also sorry for such a long comment, I just don’t understand.

  30. By: Anonymous

    does she orgasms?… the thrill bar is all up, stress bar all down.. got to use every toll except for the realistic penis (for some reason).. but now nothing happens.. same old same old.. does she orgasms?

  31. By: Anonymous

    like everyone else i have no clue how to do this. it looks like it’d be a good game BUT I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT

  32. By: xxzd

    You have to rub her belly first

  33. By: a random boy

    how you fill the thrill bar quick

  34. By: im legit

    use the calm hand on her pantie
    easy lol

  35. By: alphaq

    very nice

  36. By: GamerGirl

    Yeah so awesome

  37. By: Darkraider0910@gmail.com




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