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Fantasy World

You come to consciousness in some strange forest, not understanding where you are and what happened to you. One thing you know for sure – to survive in this fantasy world you must defeat local foes to become stronger and turn into one of the great hero of all time! There are three classes of heroes in the game: warrior (specializes in pure strength and sometimes technique); rogue (specializes in agility and stealth); mage (specializes in intelligence to use magic). Choose one of them and start your unforgettable and incredibly dangerous fantasy adventure in the text-based porn story, called “Fantasy World”. This html game will have 2 routes for every character, so stay tuned for unique stories!

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Added on: April 3rd, 2024

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  1. By: Idk

    bro where is the slime girl in the art..

  2. By: Anonymous

    You gotta grind to rank 10, then the slime girl shows up.

  3. By: Anonymous

    cant get past first fight with wolf.

  4. By: Anonymous

    Farm rank 10 with warrior got nothing, buy my skill in the skill tree for 6 points got NOTHING, try to fight the tree monster he as 200hp does 12 dommages i do 8 dommages and have 80hp….. that farming was awful money serve for nothing.
    Wait for update before playing and if there’s none i will happily forgot this “game”



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