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Fence Fuck

This nice leggy blonde looks stuck in a fence. She has been trying to get out for hours without any luck… Playing this free xxx game you’ll have an unique opportunity to take a dilicate picture of this sexy girl and even a little more…

Category: 3D, Action, Anal, Fetish, Fisting, Funny, Hardcore, Strip

Added on: February 26th, 2014


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  1. By: Mike

    so you sit there and rub oil on her legs…?

  2. By: njfk


  3. By: sdf

    omg useless game nothing happens?

  4. By: Bob

    i rub her thight, tie her up, strip her message her foot, rub her tits,use dildo, the cut her loose and rub tits again, then get stuck any help please

  5. By: Anonymous

    fucked up game dont work

  6. By: GameOver

    i finish it lol was so easy

  7. By: irony

    Each move you have to increase her to the point of orgasm, then switch to tickling her until the meter is completely empty. Then move on to the next move. It works.

  8. By: irony

    Finished it & found hidden scene. It’s still just an okay game but it’s not broken.

  9. By: Anonymous


  10. By: adam

    got her excitement up now what?

  11. By: lickty splitz

    mmm wish I was trapped

  12. By: Turner

    I have run each play to orgasm and back always stuck one short? What am I missing. Is he suppose to screw her and not just get blow job? Is she suppose to ask for to come off ropes?

  13. By: hot ass

    mmm nice

  14. I love this game, it’s give so much fun……….

  15. By: Anonymous

    Nothing happens when I try and oil up her legs at the start? anyone got any suggestions

  16. By: Anonymous

    easy game

  17. By: Anonymous

    she is naked, that is all needed

  18. That was easy and I found the hidden scene with no problem you guys can do it!

  19. By: Jordan

    Am I the only one wondering why a naked woman got stuck in a fence?

  20. By: Anonymous

    no you arent the only


  22. how do u oil the girls legs

  23. By: DIKA


  24. By: ronjeremyisgod

    yes he does fuck her after a few blowjobs some bald white guy does her doggy style and cums in her, no idea what the secret ending is but i’m going back to lesson of passion games or something..

    cheat engine 20x the frame rate and you’ll be done this game in a flash

  25. By: Anonymous

    hidden scene was very clever placed;P

  26. By: Spiderman

    nothing happens when I try to oil her legs?

  27. By: Spiderman

    how can i know that it’s getting oily?

  28. By: just kidding

    wut du i du
    i m cornfused

  29. By: petrit


  30. By: petrit

    dua seks

  31. By: Rana


  32. By: bagas

    Kontol whel aRe you

  33. By: Anonymous

    How do i do the oil on legs?? It seems like theres nothing going on… Please help..

  34. By: Anon

    I’m stuck on the oiling part. Nothing is working.

  35. By: z

    she squirts

  36. By: Anonymous


  37. By: nicholoas

    nice fucking games

  38. By: sanogo idrissa

    Où se trouve la scène cachée

  39. By: sanogo idrissa

    Aide pour fence fuck

  40. By: slut hanna

    I need sex so bad

  41. By: laskar

    aku cinta kmu

  42. By: laskar


  43. By: jack

    music is fucking annoying

  44. By: fuckingnoob

    I tried every tool on every part of her body in the front and in the back. If there is a way to get the excitment bar to the full, it requires some tricks that are not immediately obvious.

    In fact, I am starting to wonder if there is a specific order that must be followed or the game can never ever be completed. Would be nice if somebody could say what is the trick.

    After using the double sided dildo in her pussy, and getting a blow job. There are probably one or two more new things to do that are not obvious.

  45. By: Ohhh Baby

    Anyone need to be fucked? I am a smoking hot sex machine boys!

  46. By: T man

    Ooooh man too hot

  47. By: xyz

    yak I hate this game but I luv her boobs

  48. By: ABC

    21 M any one wanna skpe sex contact naumanahmadkhan on hotmail

  49. By: lashiya weeks


  50. By: chuckybadass

    it takes a long time for this fucking game to load up

  51. By: radd

    Cool idea, but game gets stuck for me. After caressing her thigh with hand and tickling foot, nothing else can be done. Arrow for turning fence side doesn’t work (not clickable)… :((

  52. By: PandasSoul

    Fuck it Im done… too long for me and not enough sexy… fucking all I heard trying different shit was fun for you maybe but not for me… yeah definitely a turn on….

  53. By: Nk

    I want 2 fuck



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