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Fresh Starts

At the very beginning of this adult game you have to create a male character and choose your backstory: the crossdresser (legacy gameplay, you start with no real advantage or disadvantages, recommended for all players); the rich kid (designed for casual players who don’t want to struggle too much early game, or veteran plays who want to fast forward through the early game); the nerd (shy but incredibly smart, the nerd is prone to succeed in life as he can learn quickly ); the jock (this character is for players looking for a bit of an extra challenge). Each backstory got its own perks and often times drawbacks. However, do note that some of them are easier than others. Now take a bus towards the city of Hutinberg and start a busy adult life…

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Added on: April 10th, 2021

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  1. By: Anonymous

    1x Beige Pill every 2 hours
    1x Red Pill every 2 hours
    1x Yellow Pill every hour
    2x Orange Pills every 2 hours
    2x Cyan Pills every hour

  2. By: Sexy

    Iam hot girl

  3. By: FemboyLex

    Meh idk why my gf likes me to play these

  4. By: Ryan gosling

    Can we have a update please

  5. By: Anonymous

    Update is available.

    • By: admin


  6. By: Anonymous

    Could you update ready to reform, please?

  7. By: Anonymous

    FRESH STARTS [V 0.4.3] can you update please

    • By: admin


  8. By: Anonymous

    Update to [v 0.4.4] please

    • By: admin




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