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In The Hospital

Instructions: part 1, In The Hospital. Your friend is unconscious in the hospital. Wake her up any way you can. Click on something on the screen to use it, or click on any part of her body. Since she is unconscious, you do not get any help in this part. It’s up to you to wake her up!; part 2, The Mini Sex Games. This part includes: temperature taking, breast massage and virtual intercourse; part 3, Extra Shots. Some scenes, marked with a star, have extra camera angles. Find these angles to take some photos for your “collection”. There are three hidden shots per scene. Find them all to finish the game and see the complete ending!

Category: 3D, Anal, BDSM, Fetish, Fisting, Strip

Added on: June 3rd, 2016

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  1. By: john

    dont even know how to play boo

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  4. By: Magic Matt

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  16. By: annonamus

    if you right click and click play it does it for you

  17. By: Amya

    This stupid fucking game dose not even work it had me up waiting till 12:00 I say delet this fucking game and fuck the person who made it

  18. By: jaz

    i played half of the game

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  34. By: yuohoo

    press and hold tab

  35. By: Raven

    I don’t know how to play fuck the person who made this game.

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  41. By: DGER

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  42. By: Anonymous

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    How to get the themperature ?

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