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In Their Own Hands

This is an online porn family life simulator in which you take on the role of a 27-year-old husband. Your wife is 25 years old. All of the characters in the game, except you, will make their own decisions. Even your wife. She will, however, be influenced by your decisions. Therefore, your relationship will largely depend on you and your actions. The goal of the game is to rethink your marriage and sort out your relationship. Different choices may have different long-term and short-term outcomes. The following types of marriage are available in the game: happy marriage, open relationship, swinging or sharing (hotwifing), unfaithful. Play your cards right and you will be able to have exactly the life you want!

Category: Adventure, Anal, Blowjob, Boobjob, Fetish, Funny, Gangbang, Handjob, Hardcore, HTML, Interracial, Mobile, Strapon, Strip, Virtual Reality

Added on: January 18th, 2024

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  1. By: Anonymous

    How do i start the game

  2. By: Cody

    Whats the creators name. Game has alot of potential

  3. By: Cuck

    How do i get cucked

  4. By: Big Al

    Interesting premise, but little content. Game seems to want to force cheating and way too much interracial!

  5. By: Coco


  6. By: Anonymous

    when will it be updated?

    • By: admin

      The final version of the game has been added!

  7. By: King

    Update v0.1.2 plz

  8. By: Anonymous

    There is an erro when Go to work and then gets Jenny point of view

  9. By: Katjablond

    OK. I hope there will be a next update. That you have much more. 1. The shop is free on the PC and you can buy various things (sex toys, clothes, etc.). 2. You can go into other places that are still closed. 3. There aren’t many actions yet. That they all become playable, etc. You have to have more content.

    • By: admin


  10. By: anon

    can this be updated? new version is out

    • By: admin

      Updated, thanks!



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