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Invisible Lover

It’s very easy to be a ghost! Just load this 3d sex game and try it yourself. The objective is to use the power of invisibility to undress the girl and hopefully get to have your first sexual encounter in your non solid dead form! How to do this? Simply move your mouse pointer to use items around the room and discover hot spots you can use! Remember – each scene has at least one hidden camera angel. Find 30 or more for best ending!

Category: 3D, Action, Blowjob, Fetish, Fisting, Hardcore, Monsters, Strip

Added on: July 15th, 2014

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  1. By: maria paula

    muy bien

  2. By: Hannah

    I hate it

  3. By: Buddyboop

    So, you press the only areas you’re allowed to pres and you still end up with a poor ghost rating…

    Hey, game. Fail much?

  4. By: blablabl

    I found 30 and still got the poor ending

  5. By: Anonymous

    she took off her shirt but now i dont know what to do

  6. By: shagu

    shag her

  7. By: Anonymous


  8. By: BoZz

    Can anyone say all steps?

  9. By: fuck this game

    this is shit

  10. By: SABRINA


  11. By: Anonymous

    Does not work

  12. By: Anonymous


  13. By: isak


  14. By: Anonymous

    I cant fuck

  15. By: Anonymous

    It doesn’t work.

  16. By: This is fucking bullshit

    this is fucking bullshit

  17. By: Anonymous

    what should i do when she removed her shirt and skirt

  18. By: Anonymous

    I realy hate the game

  19. By: Anonymous

    i passed it easy

  20. By: darkrider

    why there is no sound

  21. By: Anonymous


  22. By: sexy horny bicth

    fuck me I want sex now ill give it to them now

  23. By: Anonymous

    who xxxx

  24. By: Anonymous

    i love sex

  25. By: SEXY DICK

    my dick has better ratings than this game

  26. By: nicolas

    ohhh dawnnn

  27. By: rajendra


  28. By: oscar do santos embaoa junior

    IS fuCK

  29. By: Anonymous

    wat the fuck

  30. By: rizal bees

    i like sex

  31. By: cok

    i like sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………………… dan ada yang mau saya kentuuuuuu…………………….

  32. By: thor

    i need help post the steps plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. By: Anonymous

    i hate sex

  34. By: Anonymous

    Just right click and press forward

  35. By: sex

    just right click, then click “forward”

  36. By: Jasmine Quisenberry

    You gay sexy dick dood

  37. By: aina

    best sngt ke sex

  38. By: Elena

    This is simple but this game is boring bleh.

  39. By: Neveah

    how to you to the one after the skirt part..

  40. By: 2xyourskill

    how can i get the 8th point

  41. By: Anonymous


  42. By: daiana

    how to take her shirt after cut it in a knife ?

  43. By: Anonymous

    yeah fuck baby

  44. By: fuckboy

    how do you take her shirt off?

  45. By: Anonymous

    how do you take her shirt off?

  46. By: emma

    press tab to know where to click

  47. By: Kieran

    how to I get the bra off



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