lets get revenge

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Let’s Get Revenge

You were sentenced to 10 years for attempting to rob a jewelry store. After five years behind bars, you were offered a deal: if you participate in an experiment, the rest of your time will be forfeited and you will be set free, rather then transferred. It seems nothing can be worse than another five years in prison and you accepted the offer. The experiment starts and you pass out. After waking up you realize that everything has changed in a strange way and start to panic. Finally, scientists appear and explain to you that you swapped bodies with a criminal named Adam Gray. He is known for being able to control the minds of whoever he wants! However, something went wrong during the experiment and now you are stuck in the body of Adam Gray, while your old body became brain dead. Now you are free and you have an incredible ability to control people’s minds… the perfect time for revenge!

Category: 3D, Adventure, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Boobjob, Fetish, Fisting, Handjob, Hardcore, HTML, Mobile, Strapon, Strip, Virtual Reality

Added on: February 11th, 2023

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