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Magic In A Toy-Chest

In this game you play as Charlie, who must clean the attic of his old things. But when he went up to the attic to throw away all his old crap, he saw… the talking Fairy! The Fairy begins to explain that all toys are indeed alive and that many of them have the ability to use magic. The Fairy has the power to grow anything to any size, including herself, among a few other abilities. She wants to make a deal with Charlie. She can convince the other toys to come alive and grow them so they can make Charlie’s life easier. In exchange he moves the chest back into his room and he promises to never throw or give the toys away! But first of all, Charlie must fix the toys that were broken by him…

Category: Action, Hardcore, Meet And Fuck

Added on: November 24th, 2017


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  1. By: shrma

    This game is fack

  2. By: anil


  3. By: Jay

    How to play this game on mobile

  4. By: Mirianna

    How does it works ???

  5. By: Mirianna


  6. By: Anonymous


  7. By: god

    whole game?

  8. By: Dishant poojary

    Loved it

  9. By: Anonymous

    this game is lame

  10. By: Crystal


  11. By: Anonymous

    Que. Cagada

  12. By: Anonymous

    No it is not full game

  13. By: Anonymous

    It is a demo

  14. By: Jamario


  15. By: anjali

    soo hardcore sexybitches
    milk booooooooooooooobiesssss

  16. By: Anonymous

    Any one want to make sex with me

  17. By: Anonymous2020

    This game is awesome toys that can grow with massive tits is my dream i love this. Great game to jerk off to.



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