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Magic Sword

Cartoon flash game where you should retrieve a magic sword these lizardmen stole! Use little blue button for some gameplay help. Making the monsters cum will defeat them, so you don’t have to only punch and kick them!

Category: Action, Adventure, Anal, Blowjob, Hardcore, Hentai, Monsters

Added on: December 6th, 2013

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  1. By: sameer

    Nice game

  2. By: Anonymous


  3. By: yuma

    its alright

  4. By: hosam

    that is good

  5. By: Sejith


  6. By: Anonymous


  7. By: Anonymous


  8. By: Anonymous

    Cheats: fishsticks, princess, stimulates, ehonda, baddoggie, and chunli

  9. By: Anonymous

    thx for the cheats ^^

  10. By: Karina


  11. By: leosboy100

    What to do when doubble doggie?

  12. By: Anonymous

    you just lose

  13. By: Josef

    if some girls want to trade naked pics add me on josef_nitschkus@yahoo.de

  14. By: ora iso

    yes. more i need more i wana fuck you bicth.

  15. By: Luba

    ehonda: x2 punch but 1/2 kick
    chunli: x2 kick but 1/2 punch
    princess: start max armor max health
    fishsticks: start 1/2 way through
    baddoggie: fewer wolves
    stimulates: pleasuring lasts longer

  16. By: Anonymous

    Baddogie…Y U NO HELP ME

  17. By: Anonymous

    I’m actually really attracted to dinosaurs and reptiles, so Star Fox Adventure was always a really big deal for me. I really wish the dinosaurs didn’t have hair or ballsacks, two things that are a major turn off for me. That’s partly why I like them after all. Don’t have to look at the horrible monstrosities that hang down between a dude’s legs. Blech!

  18. By: Idongesit Emmanuel Jame

    I want to chat

  19. By: Idongesit Emmanuel Jame

    I Thank u all,an i vote 4u

  20. By: Fuccgurl

    how to play? It says, “Couldn’t plug in”

  21. By: cool minecraft kid

    fuck yeah i beat the game took me 30 min



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