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MindWare: Infected Identity

Welcome to NeoUrbania. The year is 2035. Getting pleasure – is the ultimate goal for many in this neon-soaked city. Here, human worth is measured by social credit scores and expressed by spending habits. You play as a former freelance hacker, who has just got a new job at BrainFry, a shady company with a dubious reputation. Despite its infamous reputation, the job at BrainFry offered something that had become a luxury for you: regular income. However, when it already seemed that you have found your place in this rotten city, your life takes an unexpected turn, when after another online session you becoming infected with a gender-altering mindware, a cutting-edge strain of malware that targets the human brain. How will you cope with this situation and will you fight to preserve your mental self? And which way your story will develop will depend only on you and your decisions in the newest html porn game, called “MindWare: Infected Identity”!

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Added on: May 6th, 2024

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  1. By: Britsarah

    Syntech hacking minigame doesnt work on mobile. Can this be fixed please?


  2. By: SleepyBlonde23

    I think all this hypnosis is starting to break me 😳

  3. By: Aha

    Keep doing it, it’s grea

  4. By: wowzers

    It’s a really extraordinary effort in this game, still very early in the story though



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