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My Girlfriend’s Abroad

“My Girlfriend’s Abroad” is a mobile chat simulator, where you will communicate with your girlfriend Tiffany as well as many other characters through your phone. Tiffany and you have been dating for a little under a year and she always sends you daily selfies and if you weren’t together at night you would chat with each other till you both went to bed. A few months back she got an offer to work at an international consulate. It means that she will have to go abroad and it is not known for how long… Playing this game you will understand how difficult it is to maintain a long distance relationship only with the help of chatting by phone and sending naked selfies.

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Added on: January 23rd, 2023

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  1. By: Anonymous

    how do i play

  2. By: Anonymous

    Nothing happens

  3. By: don’t work

    not working

  4. By: Anonymous

    It doesn’t even start no button to start the conversation

  5. By: Anonymous

    Can’t get the messages to work

  6. By: Anonymous

    doesn’t let me do anything

  7. By: Big Al

    Stupid shit for just a few sexy pics, and then the damn game just restarts on the night of the girlfriends party. Waste of time!

  8. By: Anonymous

    Good game please more

  9. By: Anonymous

    Great start but not too much stuff

  10. By: Anonymous

    is there a way to sort games on the site by recently updated?

  11. By: Anonymous

    I think it’s catchy. Could feel more realistic if would work on mobile?

  12. By: DigBick

    Does you’re friend bang you’re mom

  13. By: Sam

    Kindly update it im waiting for last 3 weeks

    • By: admin


  14. By: Sam

    Its not updated kindly sent mai a link of update post

  15. By: Sam

    Kindly mention the link if it’s updated bcuz i played the whole game n i didn’t get anything new or new update all old pics n conversations

  16. By: Sam

    Where is act 2 ??

  17. By: Sam

    Still waiting for the update or act 2 but no response from the admin what a shame its been 3 weeks

  18. By: Anonymous

    Are we ever getting act two? I like the story.

  19. By: Sam

    Waiting for the act 2 kindly ask the creator

  20. By: Momen

    How do i save the game

  21. By: Anonymous

    None of the games on here get updated regularly

  22. By: admin


  23. By: Matt

    When is next update

  24. By: Matt

    Act 2?



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