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Obsessed With Cum

It’s a dark and stormy night and there is a big trouble in the mental hospital – Jasmine Whorehees escaped! Now no man is safe, because she’s extremely obsessed with cum. Just a view of this sticky white liquid drives her insane! And today she is going to fuck every guy she’ll meet, but she’ll never quench the thirst of sperm! So you should caught her as soon as possible…

Category: Action, Adventure, Anal, Blowjob, Fetish, Fisting, Funny, Hardcore, Meet And Fuck

Added on: November 11th, 2014

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    Balls too small, boobs too big, I’d rather fuck the boy than fuck Ms. Unproportionate Body. Well done, M&F, Well Done.

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    Is it weird that I enjoyed the music more than the game?

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  12. By: Anonymous

    why did the attack on titan theme start?!?!
    I’m dying!!1

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  14. By: Anonymous

    yeah that attack on titan theme?
    aside from that it was alright

  15. By: ZACK

    Hot Hot And Sex I love It Fucking

  16. By: BassFlame

    lol is that shinji from evangelion?

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    Balls too small, boobs too big, I’d rather fuck the boy than fuck Ms. Unproportionate Body. Well done, M&F, Well Done.

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  65. By: Andrea

    How the fuck do you start the game

  66. By: Claire

    Omg come on I HATE the fucking demos!!! I wish you didn’t have to be a member to play the full version! That makes me so pissed!! (oh btw I’m not even a teen yet lmao and I play porn games XD)

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  72. By: Sahar




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