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Queen Of Sparta

This is Sparta! Sparta, like you have never seen… A nation of proud warrior amazons lead by their fearless queen – the free women of Sparta disdain garments and worship the art of the sword and spear! In this sex game you play for Queen Leonida, who proves her right to rule her sisters! Amidst political upheaval and trouble at home Leonida must lead her loyal 300 amazons into battle against a great Persian giantess, called Zorza – one of Xercia’s immortal captains. Be careful, she seeks a duel with you, the Queen of Sparta!

Category: 3D, Action, Adventure, Fetish, Hardcore

Added on: April 14th, 2015

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  6. By: Tasalvaine

    after kill boss in day one …. no more loaded and not see …. why ?

  7. By: ranjith

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  8. By: Anonymous

    how do i defeat the first boss?

  9. By: Anonymous

    Okay so the boss basically spams unblockable attacks until you’re dead, or uses the gram attack faster than your shield bash recharges and then you kinda die. Exactly how the fuck do you beat the boss?
    Also I love well the game explains how all of those mechanics work…

  10. By: Anonymous

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  17. By: Jason todd

    What is the Password?

  18. By: Mayax

    the password is “kwikkill”, but after killing the boss nothing happens. To defeat the boss you should kill as many of his sexy guards with the shield attack, as the extra life it gives also aplies even if the health bar is full. If you have the max health and use the shield attack, every attack you receive will not do damage until all the health gained by the shield attack is gone.

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  20. By: Kelvin smith

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