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Intellectual erotic game with hot Monica. Answer all 9 questions based on interesting facts about sex. Click on correct answer to progress, if you miss – you should restart the game.

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Added on: June 25th, 2013

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  1. By: David wheeler

    Its fun to play

  2. By: bertil

    Answer to this quiz:
    1. 120 million
    2. 360
    3. 22%
    4. cheating wives
    5. 69
    6. snakes
    7. fred and wilma flintstones
    8. formicophilia
    9. 10
    if you did take the answer in order good job

  3. By: Mathias Grueson

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  4. By: Anonymous

    its like a fun

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  6. By: Robby

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  7. By: Gita thapa

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  8. By: Anonymous

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  9. By: arygoeyz

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  10. By: albert

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  11. By: Anonymous

    yes maigad

  12. By: anonymous

    i like how half of the facts are wrong.
    1: the correct answer SHOULD be 1,2 billion
    2: there is no defined calory burn rate for sex, since it changes drastically from one pose to another
    3 and 4 are correct
    5: the guiness says 64
    6: None of the options is correct.
    7 and 8 are right
    9: the real answer is 8.6

  13. By: m

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  15. By: satria


  16. By: emily

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  17. By: balmindar singh

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  18. By: ryryer

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  19. By: fajar

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  21. By: real

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