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Sexy Cheerleader pt.1

This is the first part of Christie’s Room swf game – “Sexy Cheerleader”. Playing this game is simple: 1. click on object to perform an action. 2.hold down the mouse button to perform a sex act. Good luck!

Category: 3D, Action, Adventure, Anal, Blowjob, Hardcore

Added on: June 17th, 2013

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  1. By: chris

    can someone do a walkthrough for this?

  2. By: Bob

    Hit tab tells you where to touch and how to get away lol

  3. By: tom

    yeah, how can i not get caught in the first scene?

  4. By: A

    I can’t get past the first scene either… where do you click?

  5. By: Anonymous

    Click on the seat cushion to the left.

  6. By: love big dickis

    Loved the game

  7. By: Chubee

    I love all games

  8. By: shyamsingh

    i like it

  9. By: Chidude

    I can’t figure out what to do after I get to the closet. I keep getting caught.

  10. By: arambayg

    very gooooooooooooood

  11. By: chasiak

    i stuck after the couch. click on arrow and click on boy to kick the table and then?????????

  12. By: Anonymous

    i click on the cusion but then w

  13. By: G

    wtf is this first scene imposible to finish -,-

  14. By: arta


  15. By: chasiak

    with a click on the cushion is the third part not to solve. 🙁

  16. how do you get past the second scene

  17. By: cezza


  18. By: chasiak

    passing of second scene: click on skirt, then on top, then cushion and at last on books.

  19. By: sexyBitch!

    This games takes a hell of time to load & then freezes at 51%

    • By: admin

      no, game loading fast and don’t freezes, checked

  20. By: me

    howu get past first scene

  21. By: me

    how long do u gotta touch her tits

  22. By: chasiak

    i stuck in third scene

  23. By: Cairnou

    Click on the screen. When the boy takes the girl in his arms, alternatively click on the breasts and hand between her thighs (double-click and hold the second click). At the end, before the other girl back, quickly click left on the couch and right on the books. The first stage is completed.

  24. By: Anonymous

    what the hell how to get past first scene

  25. its sexy

  26. By: raian


  27. By: Tins

    First scene, alternate tits and legs until you get the “whats that noise” then click left side couch cusion then the books

    Scene 2, alternate tits and pussie until you get the “whats that noise” then click skirt, top, left side cushion, books

    Scene 3, get her on the couch and get here meter up and when you get the “whats that noise” click on the arrow, the left side of table each time it moves until it blocks the door. Enjoy

  28. By: Obama

    This game is a fucking shit. You loose a lot of time doing nothing…

  29. By: Anonymous

    i will fuck you

  30. By: abhimanu

    it’s so sexy

  31. By: Pencil_Dick


  32. By: Anonymous

    fuck this game an the guy who made it

  33. By: littlemissnelliexxx

    OK so the only thing I have to say I get stuck I get up to rubbing her leg and making her moan like huh I donno what they talking bout I feel so dumb

  34. By: SideShow Bob

    Too hard and not fun enough. 0/10.

    Spend 3 days tediously touching the female up – seeing nothing of interest – then you get 0.0000000001 seconds to click somewhere miles from where the mouse is. Once you failed to click, retry.

    Not a good recipe for a game.

  35. By: laemin

    as for 1-st scene it too complicated/// to often replain…

  36. By: i love dick

    who lives in NE lexington

  37. By: sex gangster

    hi I love dick want to chat

  38. By: i love dick to chat

    sexy hot

  39. By: game

    How do you get past the part where your fucking her?

  40. By: game

    How do I get past the part where you start fucking the cheerleader?

  41. By: Anonymous


  42. By: Ash

    Any girl wanna fuck??

  43. By: juan

    Hey ash we should try doing porn, heres my number:98-772347



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