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Space Girl

Outfitting his xenobit army with the newly spawned shock aliens, the Grand Xenozork sets his sights on Glamalon – a planet of beautiful amazon warmongers possessed of deadly weapons technology that he must have! Sneaking into a sentry girl’s private quarters the xenobits must extract the security codes to Glamalon’s inner sanctum from her body! The sentry girl has been caught half dressed but she’s armed and will defend herself. Use the blue Xenobits to secure her weapon arm. When she’s vulnerable use the red Xenobits to attack and weaken her armor. When she’s exposed use the orange Xenobits to do nasty things to her and get her excited. Green Xenobits can shock her and set her back in her efforts to sound the alarm. If she gets too angry she’ll start blasting and destroy your assistants. Use the pink Xenobits to tickle her and calm her down. Make her reach maximum excitement before she sounds the alarm and ruins everything!

Category: 3D, Action, Fetish, Fisting, Funny, Interracial, Monsters

Added on: January 16th, 2017

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