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This special present was picked up on spaceship board for you! It’s all yours. Control the actions by clicking on the screen. Different spots allows you to do different things. Some xxx scenes have hidden hot spots – click on them to see some new interesting views. When you see the word “HOTSPOT” that means that scene has a hotspot. You should find them all to play the interactive sex scenes. It’s very simple to play this part of the game – just get her to reach climax without getting too tired!

Category: 3D, Action, Adventure, Fetish, Funny, Hardcore, Monsters, Strip

Added on: April 4th, 2014

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  1. By: Devan

    i luv dis shit

  2. By: autofill

    Not so much

  3. By: derp

    just rightclick and press play
    when i says you needed more hotspots to continue just do it again gets you all the scenes you dont even need to find the spots

  4. By: Anonymous

    it’s messed up, it doesn’t let me continue when I hit some certain hotspots and I’ve clicked over the whole game screen like a million times o.0

  5. By: Anonymous

    Don’t fucken work

  6. By: Lady-Anime

    pure crap

  7. By: hello

    i love you marcon chloe

  8. By: big

    i hope i like this game

  9. By: Fuck you

    This game fucking sucks like really u have to restart if u dont get every fucking hotspot and why the fuck is there even hotspots u fucking cunt.

  10. By: Patient guy

    Hotsports: Stocking, nipple, nipple, ass, nipple, chest, nipple, pussy, nipple, side, pussy, face, ass, blonde’s tits, bed, tits, pussy, blonde’s pussy, ass, tits, tits, redhead’s back

    You’re welcome.

  11. By: Joelsepeda

    Es bueno la verdad q muy bueno me alludo con mi pareja y espero q estos juegos sean cada vez mejor

  12. By: favour

    I love it soo much ..

  13. By: favour

    I love this shit



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