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Welcome to the SUP – Swedish University of Progressive Learning. Your name is Noah and you decided to enter this prestigious university to raise your self-confidence and your sexuality. This is a private and rather expensive educational institution, but fortunately your parents are paying for you. There are four classes you can choose for your study: domination: you’ll learn how to get and control women, how to get anything and everything you want. Submissiveness: you’ll learn how to be submissive to women. Feminization: you’ll learn how to act more and look more like a woman. BNWO: here you’ll learn how to pay back black men for the suffering they have experience long ago (pick this if you like bbc content).

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Added on: August 24th, 2023

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  1. By: Anonymous

    This my favorite website yo

  2. By: Anonymous

    Where is the job

  3. By: Anonymous

    Amazing game

  4. By: No one

    Can you add The Contest at Houndgate

  5. By: Fapper

    Please continue to update this game its very good

  6. By: Anonymous

    New update is out

  7. By: DARREL


  8. By: Horny

    Update please

    • By: admin


  9. By: doggie

    Can you add a changelog to these updated games so we know what’s new?

  10. By: anonymous

    the images are to big

  11. By: Anonymous

    Still not updated

  12. By: Anonymous

    It’s not updated even though it says it is

  13. By: Anonymous

    Still saying v0.1

  14. By: Bitchboi

    Is it really just v0.1 still

  15. By: Anonymous

    I don’t think the update went through

  16. By: Anonymous

    Please actually update this, it is still the same version.

    • By: admin

      version 0.2 will be published within two weeks



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